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Lamia Scale

蛇姫の鱗 (ラミアスケイル)


Ramia Sukeiru




Ooba Babasaama


Legal Guild



Lamia Scale (蛇姫の鱗, ラミアスケイル, Ramia Sukeiru) is one of the Legal Guilds in Fiore.[1]



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Nothing is currently known about Lamia Scale's location, aside from it being somewhere in Fiore. Only a glimpse of the guild's building has been shown, this bearing a dark banner adorned by Lamia Scale's symbol, with a statue representing a lamia, the source of the guild's name, a creature with the upper body of an alluring, bikini-clad young woman and a large serpentine tail in place of her legs, sitting outside on a rocky formation by the entrance.[2]


It's currently unknown when Lamia Scale was founded, and whether the current Guild MasterOoba Babasaama, is the original founder of the guild. Some time in the past, several of its members (Sherry BlendyYuka Suzuki and Toby Horhorta),[3] had their families killed by Deliora, a Demon created by Zeref's Living Magic.[4] This fact prompted all of them to leave the guild and chase after the creature responsible for their relatives' death, joining Lyon Vastia in his quest to release Deliora from the Iced Shell spell and finish it off,[5] eventually reaching Galuna Island, where the creature was trapped, in X781.[6] Following the Demon's death in X784, the three of them returned to Lamia Scale alongside Lyon, who joined the guild and soon became one of its top members.[7]

The guild also played a part in the downfall of Oración Seis, joining forces with the fellow Legal Guilds Fairy TailBlue Pegasus and Cait Shelter to prevent the Dark Guild from obtaining the Nirvana weapon and throwing the world into chaos.[8]

Strength EditEdit

A fair share of Lamia Scale's reputation stems from its strongest Mage, Jura Neekis,[1] a member of the Ten Wizard Saints recognized as one of the most gifted and powerful Mages in Fiore,[11] possessing extreme skill in the use ofEarth Magic.[12] Lyon Vastia is also considered one of the guild's top Mages,[7] proficient in the use of Ice-MakeMagic, which was taught to him by Ur.[13] Other notable members include Yuka Suzuki, who, due to his Wave being able to dispel any Magic, is considered Lamia Scale's Anti-Mage, granting the guild a way to counter offending Mages.[14] Lamia Scale is one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore. As of year X791, after Fairy Tail's 7 years-long absence due to the events of Tenrou Island, it has been acknowledged as the second strongest guild in the entire Kingdom,[9]being bested only by Sabertooth,[10] and similarly achieving the second place in the Grand Magic Games for several years, emerging on top of many other guilds aside from Sabertooth.[2]


Name Rank Team Status
Ooba Babasaama Guild Master None Active
Jura Neekis Mage Team Lamia Scale Active
Lyon Vastia Mage Team Lyon/Team Lamia Scale Active
Sherry Blendy Mage Team Lyon Active
Chelia Blendy Mage Team Lamia Scale Active
Yuka Suzuki Mage Team Lyon/Team Lamia Scale Active
Toby Horhorta Mage Team Lyon/Team Lamia Scale Active