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Twilight Ogre

黄昏の鬼 (トワイライトオウガ)


Towairaito Ouga





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Twilight Ogre (黄昏の鬼, トワイライトオウガ, Towairaito Ouga) is one of the Legal Guilds in Fiore.

Location and DesignEdit

Building | Location [3]Guild building Situated in the Kingdom of Fiore, it lies on the southern coast of the country in Magnolia Town, which currently is a main guild.[1] Their headquarter is represented by the impressive building, that leads to a massive gate, richly ornamented. At the top, the building is decorated with a pair of giant horns and a number of spikes on the roof, waving a flag with the symbol of the guild.[2] In the anime, the building have different design: It have a Japanese style, a bigger gate, a pair of chains and a pair of fences. In the top, the pair of giant horns have spikes on them, also it have the words MAKE MONEY and an Ogre face with two crossed spikes. The name of the guild is displayed in the green Japanese ornament.[3]


In the year X791, Twilight Ogre is the new guild that represents Magnolia.[1] Twilight Ogre forces Fairy Tail to make payments to them every month for their previous help of keeping Fairy Tail going after their collapse years ago. After the return of the team from Tenrou IslandMakarovErza, and Mirajane went to the guild to discuss the repayment that Fairy Tail owed them. Unfortunately for Twilight Ogre, this meant repaying back all the abuse the guild had heaped onto the remnants of Fairy Tail the past seven years, causing a battle inside the guild hall.[4]


Name Rank Team Status
Banaboster Guild Master None Active
Thibault Member Team Twilight Ogre Active